If you enjoy a night out at the cinema then don´t miss out on this unbelievable Cinema Movie Pass offer.

The ‘moviepass’ enables you to see 1 traditional 2D movie once every 24 hours (3D/IMAX plans coming soon).

So if you´re an ultra keen movie buff, get your hands on this cinema movie pass offer and go see 365 movies during the year without any blackout date restrictions.

This pass is accepted at over 93% of theaters nationwide. That´s over 3,700 theaters & more than 33,000 screens!

So what would it cost to see 1 movie every 24 hours WITHOUT a cinema movie pass?

Firstly let´s take into account that the average movie ticket price in the USA (June 2015) is now $8.12

The average number of days in a month is 30.42 (365 days / 12 months)

Now 30.42 days x $8.12 (average movie ticket price) = $247.01

So if we view 1 movie every 24 hours at the cinemas for a month, without a moviepass, it would cost around $247.00

Once registered, the moviepass will be billed to your account at $30 per month ($35 per month in some areas).

So as a subsciption client, you will receive huge savings utilizing this cinema movie pass.

  • If you´re billed at $30 per month (like most clients are), you will be delighted with a discount of almost 88%
  • And if you are billed at $35 per month, you can still enjoy an 86% discount!

2 WEEK FREE TRIAL – Cinema Movie Pass

The Free Trial entitles you to 2 full weeks of a Standard moviepass subscription at absolutely NO cost!

You will not be billed for anything during the 2 week Free Trial period.

The moviepass Free Trial is valid one per household.

Simply fill out the moviepass 2 week Free Trial form, provide your shipping & billing information and you can try moviepass for 2 weeks FREE!

If you do not wish to subscribe to moviepass, you can simply enjoy the 2 week Free Trial and cancel just before the end of the 14th day.

You´d be crazy not to take advantage of this incredible Free Trial offer.

Think about it … 14 movies at the cinema at absolutely NO cost! Zero dollars!!


So what do you need to enjoy this incredible offer?

First up, you will need an iPhone or an Android phone with GPS.

Secondly you will need a moviepass membership card (sent to your home address upon Free Trial or subscription).

How do I use the MoviePass?

1. Browse movies and showtimes on the moviepass app

2. Bring your moviepass card and smartphone to the theater

3. Once you arrive at the theater, use the app to check-in (Upon check-in, your card is active for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, your card is deactivated and you will have to check in on your app again)

4. Use your moviepass card at the box office or kiosk to purchase your ticket

5. Enjoy the show!

You have nothing to lose with the Free Trial offer, so act now & enjoy 14 movies at the cinema at NO cost!